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The President's Council is a federal advisory committee supported by the Work environment of Disease Prevention and Health Promo that works to increase sports participation among youth of all backgrounds and abilities and to promote healthy and active way of living for all Americans.


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We Can! Ways to Enhance Children's Activity & Nutrition. A program of the National Institutes of Health.

And learn how your business can become a NYSS Champion!Find out more about the technique and how you can get included. We Can! offers suggestions on “Healthy Back to School Habits “to help keep your kids active and eating healthy. Physical fitness-Be Active Exercise advantages everyone! Discover the Workout Standards for Americans and access helpful resources to help you get active.

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Good nutrition can positively affect your health. Discover the Dietary Standards for Americans and resources to assist you develop healthy consuming patterns.

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Our programs will motivate you to get active, consume better, and live much healthier. You can likewise make awards to acknowledge your achievements. Start today!Fitness -Resource Center Discover useful programs and the

existing facts, data, research, and reports on the subjects of exercise, nutrition, and weight problems in the United States.Fitness -About PCSFN Learn about the Council's goal

, vision, and history,

and please the personnel, Science Board, and Structure that support our work.Physical fitness -Meet The Council The President's Council is comprised of approximately 30 members designated by the President to promote exercise, fantastic nutrition, and sports participation.Tweets Sign up with the Conversation Source